Small Group Tours Created With LOVE

Our Story

Endless Summers is a passion project. Something I’d been secretly dreaming of for a long time. But like all big dreams, I was too scared to even say it out loud. I mean, who would want to travel with me right?

But then one day at the end of a meeting with Chelsea from Heart of Travel (one of our travel partners) she asked me if I wanted to partner with them on a tour to Guatemala.

Did I? Did I dare? Who do I even think I am?

And then I thought about it, and I realized yes, yes I did. Yes, I dare. And I’m great, why wouldn’t people want to travel with me haha. No, but really. I knew that if I did this then I would have to make it special and give people a reason to choose traveling with me over all of the other bigger more established companies out there.

So what makes Endless Summers different? Why travel with me rather than other companies?

Well first of all I’ve known all of the countries I’m going to be taking you too. Especially Guatemala and Mexico. I live/ have lived in both. I know them well and know exactly where I want to take you and what I know you will love to see and do.

Plus I’m bringing with me my secret weapon, Karina Bravo. Karina is one of my best friends, my number 1 travel buddy, and the BEST photographer I’ve worked with. Seriously, I still get stunned when I look through the pictures she takes of me. Just a day or 2 with her is like going to modeling school.

And as if that isn’t enough all of our tours are done in partnership with local companies. We work with local guides, artisans, entrepreneurs, tradesmen… you get the picture. Everyone is paid well and given the respect, they deserve for their work. They have also found us comfortable transport, great restaurants, and of course 3-4* beautiful accommodations. 

The Endless Summers Team

CEO and Host

Claire Summers

Hey hey!

I’m Claire, the founder of Claire’s Itchy Feet and now Endless Summers.


Photographer and Posing Coach

Karina Bravo

Hello everyone!

I’m Karina, a Mexican photography enthusiast currently living in Cancun.

I’ve always been a curvy girl and I never felt “skinny enough”. This brought up so many insecurities for me while growing up.

Learning how to pose and work the camera gave me so much confidence and that’s exactly what I want for you too.

While traveling I became low-key obsessed with finding nice walls, pretty backgrounds, and cute outfits to pose in. That soon spiraled into me helping friends with their photos. Then before I knew it this passion became my job. 

I love the feeling of making other women feel beautiful and empowered while doing photoshoots. For me, it’s about so much more than just getting some cute pics for The Gram… It’s about finding a way to connect with amazing women from all over the world learn about their lives and making them shake off their awkwardness in front of the camera.

Trust me, after a week with me you will be working it like the Goddess you really are.