9 days/ 8 Nights Whales, Whale Sharks, & Surfing Fun In Nayarit

From: $2,495.00 USD

Nayarit, one of the most underrated, yet magical, states in Mexico. Join me on a land and sea and sea adventure that will show you a whole other side of Mexico away from the flashy resorts.

So you have likely heard of the Riviera Maya, allow me to introduce you to The Riviera Nayarit. Believe me, when I tell you, it’s a whole world away from its East Coast rival!

In Nayarit, you will find some of the best surf and sea adventures in Mexico. Rich in history, this relatively underdeveloped Mexican state is the perfect location for anyone looking to connect with nature and learn more about Mexican culture and history.

In Partnership with The Mexican Concierge

I am delighted to be working in partnership with The Mexican Concierge to bring to life several of my Mexico tours.

The Mexican Concierge is a growing Mexican company that helps travelers to plan their Mexican vacation, wedding, or event.

Nayarit Tour Highlights

This Nayarit tour is for true adventure lovers, it’s jam-packed with bucket list-worthy activities from visiting secret islands close to Sayulita and Whale watching to Camping on Isla Isabel, Mexicos answer to the Galapagos Islands, and swimming with Whale sharks.

But the fun doesn’t end there, you will have surfing lessons, visit magic towns, meet shamans, take part in prehispanic ceremonies, and sample some of the most delicious food and drink Mexico has to offer.

Welcome to Nayarit!

So here’s a list of some of the best things you are going to see and do in Nayarit:

  • Whale watching
  • Swimming with Whale sharks
  • Surfing in Sayulita and San Blas
  • Visit the Secret Island
  • An overnight camping trip to Isla Isabel
  • Visiting all 4 of Nayarites Pueblo Magicos
  • Mezcal tasting
  • Pre-hispanic cleansing ceremony
  • Visiting a traditional shaman (optional)
  • Learning about the importance of Nayarit in Pre-hispanic Mexico

What To Expect

This isn’t your average tour, and we are not your average tour guides.

The state of Nayarit has actually been my home since early 2020, having moved here from The Riviera Maya. I was quite honestly blown away by the diversity and beauty of what Nayarit has to offer and I’m so excited to be able to share it with you on this tour. 

Who is this tour for

Everyone! No, but really we are very open about who we let join this tour. But let’s be honest, most of the tour group will be women aged 27-45 possibly with their significant others. Although we may do some tours for families in the future, for this one all participants will need to be over 18. 

Just because the tour is aimed at women doesn’t mean men aren’t welcome, you may just be a little outnumbered! But we don’t mind if you don’t.

As the activity level on this trip is pretty low it’s suitable for all fitness levels. There are a few activities that will require a reasonable level of fitness (and stamina). Firstly there are 2 surfing lessons included in the tour, the secret beach involves a swim through a cave to access the actual beach, and on the overnight camping trip to Isla Isobel you will need to be comfortable sleeping in a tent and going without WiFi and electricity for 2 days. activity that is a bit more physical is surfing.

If you have concerns about your ability to do this send me an email and let me know and we can arrange a video chat to talk through anything you are worried about.

Only The Best

Everywhere we will take you on this tour you are going to get so much more than a tick on your Mexico bucket list and a snap to post on Instagram (of course we are going to make sure you get that too haha). 

We have chosen the best places to eat, sleep, relax, and even party so you can relax knowing that every place we will take you to in Nayarit is a place we know and love. No bad nights sleep on lumpy mattresses (apart from the night camping on Isla Isabel of course) or dull tour guides that are going to send you to sleep.

Finding a Balance

We also know that this is your vacation time. So although we have crammed in as much of the good stuff as we can, we have also added in some pampering and free time so you don’t get travel burnout (it’s a real thing, trust me).

And should you want to skip an activity because you need some extra me-time, no sweat. Just let us know.

Your Comfort Matters

We also want you to be as comfortable as possible. So with this in mind when we need to travel you will be in a comfortable minivan WITH AC and all of the accommodation you will be staying at is 3-4* (where possible). I can’t promise there won’t be traffic and we will have a few days when we are going to be in the bus a lot. But I pinky promise to make a killer playlist and bring you all snacks.

Professional Photographs To Keep Forever

Although there is more to travel than just ‘doin’ it for the Gram’ we want you to get them shots. Working with Karina changed my life, I’m not even joking. She helped me to feel confident in my body and more relaxed in front of the camera. I want that for every person on this tour. And that’s why Karina is going to be there on hand to help ease you into looking and feeling amazing in front of the camera. All of the photos she takes will be available to you included in the tour price.


Sustainability is as important to us as we know it is to you. So we are committed to doing our bit. 

When you arrive in Mexico you will receive a swag bag full of sustainable goodies to use on the tour. This included a water bottle, reusable cutlery set, a straw, and of course it will come in a tote bag for you to use when shopping. 


We are living in strange times I know. But with more people being vaccinated and testing becoming much easier we are confident that COVID won’t stop us from getting back to travel. That said, to keep everyone on the tour safe we do have a few things in place.

  • If you are vaccinated please send proof of your vaccination to us before you travel.
  • For those travelers not yet vaccinated you will need to take an Antigen test once you have arrived in Mexico before you join the tour.  We will cover the cost of this for your convenience. 
  • In your welcome packs, you will receive a handmade Mexican face mask and some hand gel. We will also always have hand get and disposable face masks on hand should you need one.
  • All accommodation and restaurants we will be taking you to have increased sanitary measures including deep cleaning between guests.
  • Insurance is mandatory on this trip and so if you need to cancel because you contract COVID before or during the tour you will be covered. 

Traveling With Us

On this Nayarit tour you will be traveling with a local tour guide, Claire Summers from Claire’s Itchy Feet, and Karina Bravo from By Karina Bravo.

Claire Summers

Claire Summers is the founder of Endless Summers (like what I did there?!) and Claire’s Itchy Feet. In 2017 she booked a one-way ticket to Guatemala and she has never looked back.

Originally she planned to stay in Guatemala for a month… but Guatemala had other ideas. She fell in love with the country and ended up there for 9 months before work pulled her away.

Claire currently lives in Mexico with her novio and 2 cats. She is a 200 hour RYA certified yoga and meditation teacher as well as being a total Guatemala fangirl.

Karina Bravo

Karina is a Mexican influencer and travel enthusiast living in Cancun.

As a curvy woman, Karina battled a lot of insecurities, never feeling “skinny enough.” So she learned how to find the best angles to get that perfect shot on camera. She soon became low-key obsessed with finding nice walls, pretty backgrounds, and helping her friends feel like their best selves with their photos.

Karina loves the feeling of making other women feel beautiful and empowered while doing photoshoots. We are so excited to have her joining us on the tour and working her magic on each one of you.


Map of the route

Dates & Prices

Dates: 14th – 21th January 2023 

Full Price: $2,495.00 USD

Single supplement: $400.00 USD

Please be aware that to keep prices down we have based them on 2 people sharing a room. If you prefer not to share a room then you will need to cover the additional cost of this by paying the single supplement.  

Are you ready to secure your spot on this Nayarit tour?

Booking couldn’t be easier. To secure your place on this tour of Nayarit you will need to pay a $500 USD non-refundable deposit. Or if you prefer you can take advantage of the early bird discount and book and pay in full today.

If you choose to pay the deposit only then you can then either pay the remaining balance in full 30 days before the date of arrival or contact me to arrange a payment plan once your deposit has been made.


Please be aware that although this itinerary is pretty fixed, it may be subject to change (ie we may add in a few extra treats to the program). The final itinerary will be sent to you by the end of December 2022.

  • Meals Included: Dinner
  • Travel Time: 1 hour
  • Accommodation: TBC Sayulita

We know that you will be flying in from a variety of different places. So don’t worry, we want you to choose the flight path that works best for you. That being said, we would encourage you to book a flight that arrives into Puerto Vallarta International Airport either in the morning or early afternoon so you have time to arrive and settle before our first meal together. If you need assistance booking your international airfare please let us know! 

Upon arriving at the airport one of our team will be waiting to escort you to Sayulita via private car (approx 1 – 1.5-hour drive). Once in Sayulita, you will be checked into your accommodation and given a brief orientation of Sayulita. If you need any assistance going to the bank, store, pharmacy, etc. one of the team will be more than happy to accompany you. In the event, you arrive early in the morning and would like to coordinate any specific activities during the day, just let us know so we can accommodate your requests.

6 pm: Welcome Dinner Location TBC

At 6 pm we will meet for dinner at a local restaurant (included) where we will do introductions and talk through everything you need to know about the week ahead of us.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and a light Dinner 
  • Travel Time: 1 hour
  • Accommodation: TBC Sayulita

We are hitting the ground running with this tour, your first activity after a (early) breakfast is going to be a Whale watching and Isla Marietas tour. This tour will be going to visit the secret Island so be prepared for a swim through the cave to get to the hidden beach!


On return to our accommodation you will have some time to chill out before the evening’s entertainment begins with a delicious Mezcal tasting and food pairing with Taste of Sayulita.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast and a light evening meal
  • Travel Time: 1-2 hours
  • Accommodation: TBC – Sayulita

After breakfast we will hop in the transport and take a short drive to La Lancha beach where we will take a short jungle walk (with surf boards) to get to La Lancha beach. This is one of the best (and least crowded) surfing beaches in the area and perfect for surfing novices. 


After our morning surf we will return to Sayulita and you will have free time for lunch and to explore Sayulita for yourself. 


In the evening we will be taking part in a pre-hispanic temazcal ceremony and healing circle led by some of my favorite local medicine people. There will be an option of doing some plant medicines if you would like to during this time. More information about this will be shared closer to the time.


  • Meals Included: Breakfast
  • Travel Time: 4 hours
  • Accommodation: La Familia San Blas

It’s going to be an early start this morning, but it will be worth it. Plus you should wake up full of new energy after the previous nights ceremonies! After a light breakfast we will hit the road and begin to make our way to San Blas via 2 of Nayarit’s Pueblo Magicos, Compostela and Jala.


First stop is Compostela, a cute magic town known for its coffee production, leather goods, and agriculture. We will have some time here to explore the town and take some photos before heading to our next location, Jala.


Jala is one of the most well kept Magic Towns in Nayarit and there will be plenty to see and do here. After lunch you can spend some time exploring Jala on your own, or you can visit the Spa (must be booked in advance for an extra cost), or you can visit Don Raul the famous shaman/ healer who lives here for a cleansing (very small additional cost). 


More information about both activities will be sent to you closer to the time to help you decide. 


Once our time in Jala has come to an end its time to hit the road to get to our final resting place for the day, San Blas. 

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Travel Time: 1.5 hours
  • Accommodation: La Familia San Blas

After breakfast we will meet with a local guide who will give us a walking tour of San Blas and share with us some of its pre-hispanic and colonial history.  After the tour we will take a short drive to La Tovara where we will jump in a water taxi and explore the biodiversity along the river.

Time for lunch! Continuing down the coast we will visit Aticama where you will find some of the freshest Oysters in the world. We will enjoy a delicious relaxed lunch together (Oysters optional) before heading back towards San Blas for a sunset surfing lesson.

But the day doesn’t end here. After returning to our hotel to wash up, it’s time to visit the Gaza Canael restaurant co-owned and led by top Mexican Celebrity chef Betty Vázquez (Masterchef Mexico). Make sure you save room for dessert!

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Travel Time: 3 hours by boat
  • Accommodation: Camping on Isla Isabel

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for, our trip to Isla Isable. This is going to be a once in a lifetime, blow your socks right off, kinda camping trip. SERIOUSLY! As a travel blogger I’ve done some pretty cool bucket list activities, but this is another level. 

Getting out to the Island by boat will take approximately 3 hours. However if we spot Whale sharks along the way we will be stopping to swim with them! There could also be some Humpback Whales to watch too. So don’t think it’s going to be a dull 3 hour boat ride!

Once we arrive on Isla Isabel we will set up camp and begin our island adventure. There are lots of activities to choose from including bird watching, fishing, hiking, scuba diving (additional cost), and so much more. But the real fun starts as the sun goes down though. We will get to see the incredible bioluminescence and enjoy an entire evening completely cut off from civilization, noise and light pollution, enjoying the tranquility, peace and stargazing that it will bring. 

It’s the Galapagos island of Mexico and I can’t wait to take you there!

  • Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Travel Time: 3 hours
  • Accommodation: La Familia San Blas

After breakfast and some more sightseeing on Isla Isabel we will return to the mainland by boat. Once again with the option to stop to swim with the whale sharks if we see them.

Once we arrive back in San Blas you will have free time to relax and rest.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
  • Travel Time: 5-6 hours
  • Accommodation: TBC Puerto Vallarta

I’m not going to sugar coat it, there will be a lot of time spent in the minivan today. But trust me, it’s going to be worth it and I promise to bring snacks and download a good playlist!

After an early breakfast we will hit the road to visit our final Pueblo Magico of the tour, Mescatitlan. One of the most important places in Pre-hispanic Mexico. To get there we will need to take a water taxi as the town is on an island in the middle of a river!

Once there we will meet our local guide who will teach us all about the towns Aztec history on our guided tour. 

Then it’s time to depart for Puerto Vallarta, our final stop on the tour. And yes, I know it’s technically in Jalisco, but we wanted to include it as it will be much easier for the following day’s departures. 

Once checked in to our hotel for the night we will meet for our farewell dinner at one of Puerto Vallarta’s best restaurants TBC.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast
  • Travel Time: 30 minutes
  • Accommodation: N/A

And that’s a wrap folks! After breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye! We will be providing transport to get you back to Puerto Vallarta International Airport so you can take our flight home! 

Includes & Excludes



Yes yes yes! This tour was created for people just like you. Who want to travel solo but in the security of a small group. Most of the people joining this tour will also be traveling solo, so you will be in great company.

Absolutely! I want to make it as accessible as I can for you to come on this Guatemala tour with me. If you want to pay in installments then just pay your deposit and then drop me an email at hello@endlesssummers.org and let me know a plan that would work for you. All I’ll need is you to fill out a payment form with your debit or credit card details and payments will be taken automatically.

Yes. Travel insurance is a MUST for anyone joining this trip. I strongly recommend WorldNomads insurance as they will also cover you for COVID. You can read more about their COVID policy here.

Yes, you are free to cancel for any reason. If you have insurance and are canceling for a medical or emergency reason your insurance will cover you. If you are canceling for personal reasons please be aware that the $500 deposit is non-refundable. 

Please do not book your flight until the tour has been confirmed. The tour needs a minimum of 6 people to book and pay their deposits before it will be confirmed. As soon as the minimum number has been met we will contact you to let you know you can book your flights.

Although I can’t book your flights for you. I’m more than happy to help you find the best deals. Just drop me an email and let me know what you need and I’ll send you some options.

I know being forced to have the COVID vaccination to travel is a controversial subject for some. We are not requiring people to have been vaccinated. We do however encourage it. For all other vaccinations please consult your General Practitioner who can give you the most up-to-date information.

For the majority of people, you will not need a visa to enter Mexico. This is true for people traveling from the USA, Canada, and Europe. When entering Mexico you will (in most cases) automatically be granted a 180-day tourist waver card. If you are from a country not mentioned above, please contact me and let me know where you are from so I can check if a visa is needed before you book.

Yes sure, why not! This Nayarit tour is open to anyone over 18 who wants to tour Nayarit. If you want to come with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, brother, great granny… All are welcome! Just drop me an email to let me know so we can make sure you are in a room together with a double bed if that’s what you prefer.

Honestly, that is really up to you and how much you want to spend. I have a Mexico budget on Claire’s Itchy Feet that may be useful. Although most of your breakfasts and lunches and some dinners are covered, you will need to budget for the extra lunches and dinners not included. Alcohol is not included in the tour cost so keep that in mind. Although there is no obligation to buy anything on this tour as all of the artisans and local guides are paid by us you may wish to budget some money to buy gifts for yourself and others. Tips to local guides, drivers, and tour leaders are not included.

When we send out the final itinerary at the end of December we will also send you information about tipping, and anything else it is important to know about to help you budget accordingly. 

Hell yes!

In fact, I’d encourage it there were a few things we needed to miss out of the itinerary because we just didn’t have time. If you want to come early or stay longer and need some help planning some fun activities let me know. If enough people wanted to go we can arrange a bolt-on to the trip to get you there. Just send me an email and let me know.

Totally. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish when I first arrived in Latin America. As well as a bilingual Travel guide you will have me (decent level of Spanish) and Karina (bilingual) about to help you. That said I would strongly encourage anyone joining the trip to learn some basic Spanish as it really will help you to interact with local people on a different level.

If you want information about Heart of Travels online learning program click here.

This is why we insist on you having travel insurance like World Nomads insurance as it will cover you if you test positive for COVID and are unable to make the tour. So long as you have insurance you will be able to claim your money back.

We will be randomly putting people in a room together. But if you have a friend joining the tour and would like to be in a room together, please let us know in advance.

No. If you prefer to have a room to yourself that’s totally fine. As this will come with an additional cost we will need you to pay a fee of $400 USD to cover this.

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